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Technical and operational management
David Cousins

David Cousins

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Chris Redfearn

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Through our joint venture company KCM, we provide a full suite of technical information services on crop production based on totally independent analysis of published and unpublished data and trials. 

KCM is a joint venture between Terravost and Crop Management Information Limited (CMI).

Crop Management Information Limited (CMI) is a UK-based business which started in 1986 and has over the last twenty five years provided agronomy information and training in UK, Ireland, South America, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the CEEC region. CMI is totally independent and their principal activity is in securing and examining data, either from trials or published and unpublished sources, to give advice on all aspects of soil management, crop variety selection, crop nutrition and crop protection. All of CMI’s recommendations are thus underpinned by robust science to supply leading edge technical information.

The joint venture 'KCM' blends the business management and operational expertise of KA with the scientific, technical and analytical expertise of CMI to enhance the crop production process.

This advice includes:

  • Cropping systems and variety selection
  • Crop protection programmes
  • Crop nutrition strategies
  • Advice on soil management and cultivations policy
  • Developing trials facilities
  • Crop performance audits
  • Training