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Asset management
Richard Warburton

Richard Warburton

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David Cousins

David Cousins

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We are directly involved in the management of some 300,000 ha of land in the UK, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

Our approach to farm and asset management is straightforward based around the following five principles:

  1. Robust science-based technical and agronomic programmes;
  2. Judicious risk management;
  3. Operational excellence;
  4. Frameworks for enterprise management, development and reporting;
  5. Careful selection and development of operational management to defined protocols. 

Typically, our role includes:

  • Working closely with the investors to clarify objectives and strategy
  • Assessing appropriate operating structures
  • Directing and developing the on the ground management team
  • Introduction of farming partners (where appropriate)
  • Enterprise planning, labour and machinery planning and investment appraisal
  • Procurement, marketing and risk management
  • Provision of technical information through our joint venture agronomy company, KCM.
  • Dovetailing technical and operational programmes to maximise returns
  • On-going strategic role to ensure continued compliance with investment objectives